Cathy Pank


Since starting ToucanStar in January 2013 with Andrea van Liere, Cathy has rediscovered her development skills and enthusiasm for innovation, but also through the CTO Service, provides high level technical knowledge to clients and partners.

Cathy worked in various Web Agencies as a Lead Developer before joining digital communications agency CTN as a Senior Developer. Here she grew the 3 person technical team into a department of 15 across web development, network infrastructure and digital media, over a period of 6 years and became Head of Technology. During this time, she evolved the use of technology within CTN both operationally and for client deliverables, she managed the budget for the technical operations of the company and continued to advise clients on their use of technology with the communications industry.

Cathy has a BSc in Business Information Systems and an MSc in Multimedia Information Systems from Portsmouth University, England.


Andrea van Liere

undefinedAfter working for various design and development web agencies in the internet industries, Andrea decided to start her own business with Cathy Pank; ToucanStar was founded in January 2013.

Andrea has a Master’s in English Language with a minor in Journalism & New Media from Leiden University, the Netherlands as well as a Master’s in Management from London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

Over the years, Andrea has proven herself as a dedicated project manager who believes in organisation, process, flexibility and communication. She keeps projects on track with time and budget whilst maintaining the ability to be agile and respond to changes in priorities.

Since ToucanStar, Andrea has focused on graphic design and front-end development - partly because there was a business need for this, but mostly because she loves exploring her creativity with design, and then putting the designs into reality with the front-end development.